About ME


Matthew earned his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine where he also completed a master of science degree in integrative medical research. His research included a study on the expectancy effects of mindfulness and his thesis project on empathy and burnout in naturopathic medical students. During his time there he also completed additional coursework on mental health. After graduating he completed an integrative mental health residency.

Before medical school, Matthew served in the Army National Guard as an imagery intelligence analyst and earned an associate's degree in military intelligence operations from Cochise College. Working around his military training and a one-year deployment to Kosovo, he finished a bachelor of liberal arts degree with minors in philosophy, history, and political science from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Practicing at Whole Systems Healthcare in Portland, Oregon, Matthew also gives public presentations and enjoys teaching. He is also currently working on a book. He enjoys his weekends with his two children, playing soccer, and getting out into nature.